​​Paddle for Life 2017​​


The Paddle for LIfe event for 2017 has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. 
Vancouver Lake Regional Park
Clark County will be re-instating parking fees on April 3rd, 2017.
Fees are to be paid in cash when an attendant is not available.​​ Click here for more information. 

$2 motorcycle, $3 car, $6 vehicle w/trailer, $8 bus or motorhome.

The Rules of Vancouver Lake Regional Park and the Event permit state dogs are not allowed on the beach or grassy area near the lake. Therefore, in compliance with the Rules and the Permit, participants and spectators are requested 'not' to bring dogs to the event. 
Invite friends, family, co-workers! Send this PDF file out now to anyone and everyone and let them know the dragons are coming to Vancouver Lake Park! 
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